How to Use Pinterest on Your Author Website by @K8Tilton

How Do You Build An Audience Before You Have A Product? A Pre-Marketing Guide, BadRedhead Media, @BadRedheadMedia

Previously I talked about how to grow your Pinterest followers, but how do you connect your website and Pinterest for the best results? Use a Business Account If you are just starting out, go here to create your business account. As an author your business type is “Public Figure.” If you already have a personal…

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Measuring Social Media ROI by @nblackburn01

Nanea Hoffman asks “How to measure reach on various social platforms. What is the best way to do this?” The Author CEO, Naomi Blackburn, explains social media ROI. [share ]Marketing is one of the most difficult areas to measure ROI (return on investment)[/share], but don’t fret, it isn’t impossible. There are several tools authors can use…

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