How To Gain a Fanbase by Blogging by @K8Tilton

How To Gain a Fanbase by Blogging

An author sits at a desk. It’s a cold fall morning and it is finally time to start. Start blogging that is. This is the happening thing. Everyone has a blog. If I don’t start now, I’ll never reach my readers, the author muses as the author often does. But where to begin? My writing…

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The Best Way to Use Social Media To Sell Your Books

The Dos and Don'ts of Goodreads by Guest @nblackburn01

  (This post originally appeared on Girlfriends Book Club. Republished with permission.) I’m often asked this question, as both a successful author and book marketer, and my answer is always the same: don’t use social media to sell books. [share ]Social media is social, not selling[/share]. If you plan to sell a whole bunch of…

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How To Create Content People Care About by @K8Tilton

Goodreads, The Author CEO, BadRedheadMedia

Ina Smith Zajac asked, “How to write blog content people actually care about?” The answer is simple, write valuable content for your audience. But what does valuable content look like? What does your audience look like? Let’s break it down. Step One – Know Your Audience This is always the first step. It is also…

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