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What is #NaNoProMo and Why Should Writers Participate?

What National Novel Promotion Month Is and How Writers at Any Stage Can Benefit

Many of you are familiar with #NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) held every November) to inspire writers to write books. There’s even #NaNoEdMo (National Novel Editing Month) every March to help writers edit the book they wrote in November).

I researched and realized there is no book marketing specific month, and because ya know, I have nothing else going on *cough*, last year I created #NaNoProMo — National Novel Promotion Month, to take place in May. It was a huge success, with writers and sponsors from all over the world participating!

To keep to the non-profit tradition, this is all about writers: helping writers, providing resources for writers, being there for writers.

And let’s be honest: writers love marketing almost as much as we love red pen from our editors.

I want to change that. Book marketing done correctly isn’t about selling our souls or spamming. I promise.

Here are the ‘rules’ for #NaNoProMo…

There Are No Rules

No daily hours to log. No website to report in to. No badge to win or display (though I may rethink that because I know people really like that stuff).

What there are:

  • Daily blog posts here from experts across the book marketing and publishing spectrum (starting May 1st).
  • Weekly #BookMarketingChat on Twitter (every Wednesday 6 pm pst/9 pm est with expert guests the entire month of May (and there are FIVE Wednesdays in May, so we get an extra chat and an extra expert!)
  • Daily prizes and giveaways from awesome companies and experts, so visit my blog daily at To enter to win, simply leave a comment! (May 1 through May 31st.)
  • Daily tips and advice on both the @NaNoProMo and @BadRedheadMediaTwitter streams and Facebook Pages: BadRedhead Media and NaNoProMo for more fun ideas.

Ready to rock your book marketing?


Ready to rock your book marketing?


Ready to rock your book marketing?

How Do You Get Involved in #NaNoProMo?

Are there any strings? Nope. Any purchase required? Nope.

This entire effort is totally free, as my way of giving back to you, writer friends. I’ve been coordinating this effort for a few months now and it’s all coming together. If last year’s inaugural effort is any indication, it’s going to be awesome.

It’s easy to participate! You can:

  • Visit my blog here daily to read great stuff and enter to win awesome free stuff. How? Simply leave a comment to enter! This is the ONLY way to enter to win prizes.
  • Sign up for my BadRedhead Media newsletter to receive daily emails in case you forget to visit the blog (NO spam. Just the good stuff)
  • Join the weekly #BookMarketingChat every Wednesday, 6pm pst/9pm est on Twitter (simply enter the hashtag to join — this is every Wednesday, not only during May)
  • Visit the BadRedhead Media and/or NaNoProMo Facebook Pages daily for more tips and fun (likes appreciated!)
  • Share with your writer friends! The more who participate and spread the word, the more writers benefit!

Someone asked: why do you do this, Rachel? This is a ton of work. What do you get back in return? Good questions. It is a ton of work, absolutely. On top of running my business, writing my own books, being a single mom of two teens, and all kinds of other life stuff, I’m also a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and activist.

It’s important to me to not only give back to that community, but also to writers in general.

When I published my first book seven years ago, I knew marketing (seventeen years in Big Pharma — recovered now, thanks), but I didn’t know how to pull all the different variables together to create a viable author platform. In fact, that’s why I wrote the bestselling BadRedhead Media 30-Day Book Marketing Challenge a few years ago — I wanted a simple, daily guide to help writers create their own platform in easy to do, practical assignments.

#NaNoProMo takes this a step further by sharing with writers the wonderful experts I network with daily and provides them with spectacular insider tips, insights, and practical guides they can put into use right away — and it’s completely free. Sharing great stuff is what I’m all about.

Now it’s up to you, writer friends, to do the work!


Join us on May 1st for #NaNoProMo and see what the fuss is about!

Completely free initiative for writers: #NaNoProMo!


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Barbara Delinsky

22 Time NYTimes bestselling author

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For providing advertising dollars!

Who Are the 2020 Contributors and Donators?

(in no particular order)

As an author myself (six books so far — working on four more now), and book marketing expert (eight years in this business), I interact daily with amazing people. Bringing them to you and you to them brings me immense joy. There’s no obligation, no pushy sales, only learning and connection.

I’m humbled these experts have graciously offered their sought-after services, guides, books, and tips completely free for you all. How awesome is that?

and more and in the works!

I have several more sponsors coming on as I write this so STAY TUNED for updates, writer friends. Mark your calendars or just sign up for my newsletterfor the daily blog posts from these fabulous experts.

All you need to do is visit and comment to be automagically entered to win consultations, guides, books, and more.

All free.

I’m so grateful to all these amazing sponsors who are donating generous prizes for their services and time to YOU.

**All prize winners must agree to hold BadRedhead Media entirely free from any liability, including financial responsibility.

Meanwhile, please follow #NaNoProMo

Let's rock the heck out of your book marketing this May with #NaNoProMo!

Did you miss out on #NaNoProMo last year?

Don't worry. We got you covered. All the juicy tidbits, tips, and tricks are still available if you missed them the first time around, or if you just want to brush up or review what all happened last year...

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