Podcasts are Trending. Here’s How to Start Now

Podcasts are Trending. Here’s How to Start Now by @melissaflicks via @BadRedheadMedia, podcasting, book marketing

Podcasts have steadily gained popularity over the past few years with more people looking for on-the-go entertainment as they multitask through hustle and bustle of daily life. #BookMarketingChat (read our entire Book Marketing Chat summary here) guest Rachel Moore shared her tips for authors looking to start their own podcast. Podcast Format The first step…

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This is Why Authors Shouldn’t Do it All by guest @evatopialit

Margery Walshaw EvatopiaLit BadRedhead Media Guest Post This is Why Authors Shouldn't Do it All, @BadRedheadMedia

What’s better? To be a jack of all trades or to specialize in a particular skill? Naturally, there are arguments for either choice depending upon the circumstance. Let’s say you’re an athlete and have suffered torn cartilage in your knee; you’ll want to consult with an orthopedic surgeon. After all, they’re experts at what they…

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How To Create Content People Care About by @K8Tilton

Goodreads, The Author CEO, BadRedheadMedia

Ina Smith Zajac asked, “How to write blog content people actually care about?” The answer is simple, write valuable content for your audience. But what does valuable content look like? What does your audience look like? Let’s break it down. Step One – Know Your Audience This is always the first step. It is also…

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Different Types of Content Ideas for Authors by @K8Tilton

In my social media training work I come across a lot of authors who do not know what to share on social media. Many of these authors fall to sharing just articles they like or promotional messages of their books. There is a better way. After consistency, variety is the key to social media success.…

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