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May 24

How Do I Get Local Bookstores to Carry My Books? by @nblackburn01

By Naomi Blackburn | Author Marketing

Camela Cami Thompson asked,[share ] “How do I get a bookstore to carry my books?”[/share] Excellent question, Camela! Unfortunately, there is no easy answer. I frequently hear authors complain that independent bookstores won’t carry their books for personal reasons, or because there is a dislike or disdain for independently published books. While this could be […]

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Jan 22

Indie Authors Naked Excerpt

By Rachel Thompson | Blog

From the Introduction of Indie Authors Naked by Amy Edelman: IndieReader was launched in ‘07, otherwise known as the dark days of self-publishing. Back then, every book was considered a vanity publication, every author a failed writer. Denial ran so high that when the self-pubbed book, Her Last Letter by Nancy C. Johnson hit The New York Times bestseller list, the good folks at […]

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