Tips: How to Leave Digital Breadcrumbs by Guest @LolaAkinmade

Tips: How to Leave Digital Breadcrumbs by guest @LolaAkinmade via @BadRedheadMedia and @NaNoProMo #DigitalBreadcrumbs #breadcrumbs

“We are like Hansel and Gretel, leaving bread crumbs of our personal information everywhere we travel through the digital woods.”…Gary Kovacs The last few months have been rather surreal workwise and I will share a Latest News & Updates post soon but there’s something that has been on my mind the last few weeks surrounding my LAGOM Book.…

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How To Create Content People Care About by @K8Tilton

Goodreads, The Author CEO, BadRedheadMedia

Ina Smith Zajac asked, “How to write blog content people actually care about?” The answer is simple, write valuable content for your audience. But what does valuable content look like? What does your audience look like? Let’s break it down. Step One – Know Your Audience This is always the first step. It is also…

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Easy Pinterest Growth Tips for Authors by @K8Tilton

  I’ve talked about how to engage readers on Pinterest, but how do you grow your following and interactions? As Rachel says, let’s deconstruct! Pin regularly. If you want to increase your presence on Pinterest, you must be actively pinning. Actively pinning means daily pinning, which can seem daunting, but here are a few ways…

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