Which is right for you? A Quick Guide to KDP vs. KDP Select

The final post in our Amazon series has us looking at KDP vs. KDP Select. After our longer posts, this post is short and sweet because it is pretty straightforward. Any author can publish their book under KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing). This is the basic Kindle publishing tool. This tool allows authors to upload their…

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How Do I Get Local Bookstores to Carry My Books? by @nblackburn01

Camela Cami Thompson asked,[share ] “How do I get a bookstore to carry my books?”[/share] Excellent question, Camela! Unfortunately, there is no easy answer. I frequently hear authors complain that independent bookstores won’t carry their books for personal reasons, or because there is a dislike or disdain for independently published books. While this could be…

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How to Find Your Audience Online by @nblackburn01

Kerry Gans asked, [share ]“How can an author find an online audience?” [/share]Today, I am going to not only discuss the basics that we all know about, but I am going also going to talk about some sites that authors may not be familiar with: Snapchat, Pinterest, and Instagram, which are considered to be soft…

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Social Media Necessity for Authors by @nblackburn01

The 4 Most Effective Book Marketing Strategies That Work, BadRedhead Media, @badredheadmedia

LB Dunbar (@lbdunbarwrites) asks “Where to find potential readers…is it really FB, Twitter, FB groups?” AuthorCEO Naomi Blackburn explains.  One word…YES! Let’s break it down. One of the things I tell every client is that being an indie author (heck, any kind of author) is a business. To be successful a business must have visibility.…

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How Can I Get Comments on My Blog? by @nblackburn01

In my continuing series where I answer questions asked by YOU (in this case, this question comes from writer MJ Kelley), staff writer Naomi Blackburn takes on ‘How can blog posts incite reader comments?’ Thanks MJ for a fab question! Here you go…. When I first started writing guest posts, I was often disappointed if I didn’t get any…

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The Dos and Don’ts of Goodreads by Guest @nblackburn01

The Dos and Don'ts of Goodreads by Guest @nblackburn01

There is no shortage of Social Media where authors can build awareness of their books. Facebook is a great place to meet friends, see grandbabies, and keep tabs on where your friends are vacationing. But if you want to talk books, there is nowhere that tops Goodreads. It’s the social media site for book lovers.…

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