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Apr 20

Branding 101 For Authors: What you Need to Know

By Rachel Thompson | Blog

(Updated June 2019) I want to discuss a basic concept that seems to confuse most authors: branding. Branding sounds like one of those scary, nebulous marketing terms that threaten to suck out your soul or turn you into The Borg. It’s not. Branding really comes down to managing expectations.  Let’s deconstruct. **Note: This discussion does […]

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Mar 05

This is How You Find Your Readers

By Rachel Thompson | Author Marketing

Updated September 2019Where can I find readers? someone asks me at least once daily.Who is your demographic? Most authors have no idea.How do I connect with them? What’s the best channel?Is Social Media just for teens?It’s not a mystery, but it does take some research, effort, and digging to answer these questions. And no, social is […]

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