What’s A Publishing Imprint And How Did I Get One?

So here I was, all excited that Broken Places finally, finally released (yay!), and I’m in the down and dirty trenches of doing the marketing and setting up the blog tour and connecting with folks on social and blah blah boring stuff you’re already falling asleep, when I get an out of the blue message…

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YouTube, Your Book Trailer and You! by @nblackburn01


YouTube, Your Book Trailer and You!   M.J. Kelley (@themjkelley) asks about how to use YouTube in a book’s marketing plan. Hold on! Isn’t YouTube only for videos, tutorials, and short movies?  Yes, this is why [share ]an author should invest in a book trailer for their book[/share].  If one writes young adult/teen fiction, it…

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Why Silence Is Sometimes The Best Answer

Why Silence Is Sometimes The Best Answer, BadRedhead Media, @badredheadmedia

Racism. Misogyny. Threats and bullying. Sometimes we wonder: why are we on social media at all? We’ve all heard the stories or been targets ourselves of online bullying, trolls, threats, and even stalkers. Is it worth putting ourselves out there if this is what we end up with? I don’t know. I have my days…

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How Can I Get Comments on My Blog? by @nblackburn01

In my continuing series where I answer questions asked by YOU (in this case, this question comes from writer MJ Kelley), staff writer Naomi Blackburn takes on ‘How can blog posts incite reader comments?’ Thanks MJ for a fab question! Here you go…. When I first started writing guest posts, I was often disappointed if I didn’t get any…

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The Twitter Secret by guest @DanaLeipold

Today please help me welcome author and writing coach Dana Leipold to the blog as she shares her secret to Twitter success.  My real life friends often ask me, “Why do you do that Twitter thing? I don’t get it.” At first, I didn’t get it either but now I see the power Twitter has…

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Finding Twitter Chats For Writers by guest @K8Tilton

Last time I was on BadRedhead Media, I gave four easy tips to grow your Twitter following. Tip #3 was “join Twitter chats,” but how do you find the right chats to join? And how do you keep up with all the tweets when you get there? As Rachel says, let’s deconstruct! Finding the right…

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