How To Gain a Fanbase by Blogging by @K8Tilton

How To Gain a Fanbase by Blogging

An author sits at a desk. It’s a cold fall morning and it is finally time to start. Start blogging that is. This is the happening thing. Everyone has a blog. If I don’t start now, I’ll never reach my readers, the author muses as the author often does. But where to begin? My writing…

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The Reason Writers Conferences Are Worth It by @K8Tilton

Every time after a convention or writer’s conference, you’ll see posts going up about how the convention has taken a downturn and isn’t worth attending anymore. So many people seem disappointed in their experience and vow to skip the next convention in favor of something else. And I get it, I really do. In my…

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10 Websites You Need To Create Awesome Author Stuff!

Here’s a round up of some GREAT articles I’ve discovered recently to find all that stuff you are always Googling — resources for free photos, infographics, awesome holiday contests, creating visuals, social media tips, and more. I’ve done the work putting it all together for you — now you need to go and use it!…

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YouTube, Your Book Trailer and You! by @nblackburn01


YouTube, Your Book Trailer and You!   M.J. Kelley (@themjkelley) asks about how to use YouTube in a book’s marketing plan. Hold on! Isn’t YouTube only for videos, tutorials, and short movies?  Yes, this is why [share ]an author should invest in a book trailer for their book[/share].  If one writes young adult/teen fiction, it…

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Why Silence Is Sometimes The Best Answer

Why Silence Is Sometimes The Best Answer, BadRedhead Media, @badredheadmedia

Racism. Misogyny. Threats and bullying. Sometimes we wonder: why are we on social media at all? We’ve all heard the stories or been targets ourselves of online bullying, trolls, threats, and even stalkers. Is it worth putting ourselves out there if this is what we end up with? I don’t know. I have my days…

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New HuffPo Article: Writing What Scares You

Over on The Huffington Post I share about getting past the excuses and just writing. Check out this except below and view the entire article here.   I shared the statement below across my social media accounts: “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?” — Sheryl Sandberg There’s nobody standing over our shoulder saying, “Oh…

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I Got My Book in B&N by guest @MHartnerAuthor

Today please help me welcome author Mike Hartner to the blog. Mike has had great success working with Barnes & Noble and other book stores. Check out Mike’s tips below on how to keep good relationships with bookstores.  “I got my book in ________… now, I’m going to sell, sell, sell…” Substitute the name of…

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