What Is #MondayBlogs and Why You Should Be Participating

What Is #MondayBlogs and Why You Should Be Participating by @BadRedheadMedia

#MondayBlogs FAQs

What is #MondayBlogs?

#MondayBlogs is a meme created by me, author Rachel Thompson (@RachelintheOC) aka BadRedhead Media (@BadRedheadMedia) so bloggers have an easy way to share their posts and connect with other bloggers. You can share any blog post you write, just remember Monday Blogs is for BLOGS not pictures, quotes, advertisements, or book promo.

#MondayBlogs is about pretty much anything and everything except book promo.

****If you want to share an article, photograph, book review (not about your own book), poem…really any kind of content, that’s all okay, as long as it goes to your blog and it’s not promotional!****

The biggest rule is NO BOOK PROMOTION! You can promote your books any day with any other hashtag — please respect our rules and the community, and don’t use #MondayBlogs to promote your book, your book contest, your book giveaway….you get the idea.

If you can write a book, surely you can write and share a blog post about something besides ‘buy my book!’…right?

How can I participate in #MondayBlogs? What are the ‘rules?’

  • Use the hashtag #MondayBlogs in your tweets IF you’re sharing a blog post and IF it’s on a Monday.
  • No book promotion! (see above if you’re still not sure what this means).
  • Share ANY post except book promotion. You don’t have to write a post specifically for Mondays.
  • Share old posts, new posts, red posts, blue posts…you get the point. I suggest spacing them out throughout the day (I schedule them in using Hootsuite), then interact live to read, comment, and retweet.
  • Publish your post any day you want — just don’t use the hashtag except on Mondays.
  • Generously retweet others throughout the day.
  • If it’s Monday where you are, then it’s #MondayBlogs! Don’t worry about time zones
  • Retweets are NOT guaranteed. This is a community and while we encourage people to share AND retweet, obviously we cannot make people do so.
  • NO PORN (erotica is fine). We refuse to retweet porn pictures or graphic, explicit, pornographic content.
  • We reserve the right to not retweet based on content, if you spam continuously, or refuse to follow the rules.
  • We are limited by how many retweets we can do per hour. If we don’t retweet you, please do not take it personally. Twitter sets limits on retweets per hour.
  • There’s no fee.

Book Tours and Book Bloggers:

  • We welcome you IF you share reviews, author interviews, why authors write, how they write, about genres, etc. — anything but straight-up links to purchase books. If it’s ONLY ‘Buy this book!’ we will not retweet that, as that is book promotion.

Will I get more traffic?

  • We cannot guarantee more traffic, obviously, but we have seen most bloggers have significant increases in traffic after participating consistently for a few weeks to months. Generously retweeting others is the KEY, as well as commenting on other blogs.

Host account: @MondayBlogs

Example #MondayBlogs tweets: 

To format your tweets for #MondayBlogs, you want to do a few things:

  • Have a catchy title
  • Shorten your link
  • Use the hashtag #MondayBlogs (remember the S at the end)


What Is #MondayBlogs and Why You Should Be Participating via @BadRedheadMedia http://ow.ly/YQJvW #blogging 

This is Why Your #Books Aren’t Selling: 4 Ways To Improve Now via @BadRedheadMedia http://ow.ly/YQxNM #MondayBlogs

Tip: I recommend including your own handle if you are creating tweets for others to share.

And That’s #MondayBlogs! 

That’s it! Any questions? Please email Rachel at BadRedheadMedia@gmail.com or leave in comments. Thanks!

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