Book Marketing Challenge

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Published by: Bad Redhead Media
Release Date: November 27, 2019
Pages: 198
ISBN13: 978-0999282229


  • 2020 Chanticlear Books First Place WINNER Non-Fiction Guides
  • 2017 Readers Favorite Silver Award Winner (Non-Fiction)!· 5/5 STARS, Readers Favorite!
  • 4/4 STARS, IndieReader!

THE SINGLE BEST TOOL every writer needs NOW to build, boost, and grow their author platform. Unsure how to market your book or feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of author platform options out there (or not even sure what the term means)?

Ever wish someone could break it down for you in simple steps?

Then this is the book for you!

Over the course of one month, Rachel provides you daily challenges containing a wealth of information, and easy-to-follow assignments to help energize your book sales. If you haven’t released your book yet, this book will help you set the stage necessary to build the strongest foundation possible for success.

Topics include:

Twitter secrets
Facebook page must-do’s
Social media ideas you might not know or haven’t thought of
Promotion, giveaways, and other book marketing secrets
Website, blogging, and SEO tips designed just for authors

All writers, bloggers, and small businesses can benefit from this guide.

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“When it comes to social media marketing for authors, no one knows more than Rachel Thompson. She practices what she preaches and has helped dozens of our authors enjoy significant leaps in their social media standing.
~ Steve Bennett, Founder & Creative Director, AuthorBytes

“This book is an amazing compilation of data and resources that only someone with years of experience could pull together. As a book marketing specialist myself, I’m still blown away by the amazing content Rachel provides. If you’re writing or marketing a book, this is a MUST-HAVE.“
~ Alexa Bigwarfe, Author Coach & Owner of Kat Biggie Press Digital Media Co.

"5/5: From the hidden worth of Twitter to the creativity of YouTube, and everything in between, Ms.Thompson effortlessly turns a perceived behemoth of intimidation into a comfortable but dynamic marketing routine."
~Joel R. Dennstedt, Readers' Favorite

"5/5: Rachel Thompson, has created a very useful and concise marketing tool which combines with her obvious sense of humour to produce a workbook that is informative and practical. Divided into easily attainable daily tasks, together with assignments, it is also a step-by-step guide to tackling the maze of social media available to use in marketing a book."
~Jane Finch, Readers' Favorite

"5/5: Described by many in the writing industry as a genius in social media, Rachel Thompson discusses several strategies which are often overlooked when an author is trying to get their book noticed. Spaced out over four weeks, you are given a step-by-step run-down on the right and wrong way to go about achieving higher sales."
~Rosie Malezer, Readers' Favorite

"5/5: I have read a number of books on marketing, but none came close to delivering such an accessible and comprehensive package. Thompson's a naturally gifted teacher as well. Her enthusiasm for the subject is apparent throughout the book, and every link I clicked and instruction I followed led to the desired result."
~Jack Magnus, Readers' Favorite

"4/4: Verdict: Social media expert Rachel Thompson lays out the fundamentals of promoting a book using (mostly) the internet--for those ready to pimp their own work, but not sure how best to do so--in her step-by-step guidebook, the 30-DAY BOOK MARKETING CHALLENGE.
A distinctly modern and social-media driven take on the art of marketing books, the focus of Rachel Thompson's colorful text is how to get your hard work in front of the public, using the internet. As the content of this very website demonstrates, the market for the almost endless kinds of written work is a bustling one, filled with talented writers. Being good, like in many areas of life, is absolutely no guarantee of success.

Like Thompson says, there should always be a promotional plan alongside any book launch. This practical, step-by-step guide focuses the mind on areas that are likely to yield results should you be running your own promotional campaign, giving a day-by-day breakdown of things that will certainly lead to more eyes on your work, and with a bit of luck more sales, too.

The advice makes sense, doesn't look like a huge amount of work for the reasonably technically savvy, and - if your product is decent, of course - does look reasonably likely to add a few sales, too. Essentially, Thompson's book is clearly knowledgeable, crammed with useful outside links, and does what it says on the tin."
~James Hendicott, IndieReader