Broken People

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Release Date: September 20, 2021
Pages: 118
ISBN13: 978-0999282250


Long before the #MeToo movement, Rachel Thompson started sharing what it was like to grow up and live with the constant trauma of childhood sexual abuse, sexual harassment, and other sexual crimes in her award-winning memoirs, Broken Pieces and Broken Places.

Broken People is the third book in this series, where she continues to explore, through hard-hitting essays and lyrical poetry, the difficulties and joys of navigating relationships, healing, and love in an environment not always conducive to survivors.

If you're a survivor or know one, you need this book.
I write what scares me. I tell uncomfortable truths.

I want other survivors of rape and sexual assault to know

they’re not alone.

I’ll be the voice.

I am the voice.

Healing is possible. Every survivor must find their own healing path.

This is mine.

Broken People is a book of courage, resilience, and overcoming challenges Rachel faced as a survivor. Through her three books Broken Pieces, Broken Places, and Broken People, Rachel has courageously shared her truth and the journey of her life. It’s not all rosy and pretty and that’s the beauty of these books. They represent the truth of a survivor, a mother, an empowered person who was made to believe she has no charge in her life but challenged that, and emerged on the other side. These books have not only allowed her to openly share her experiences, they also provide hope, guidance, and a way forward for girls and women who feel they have no hope left in them.

Dr. Shruti Kapoor, Founder, Sayfty Trust

This third book in her Broken series, Broken People is both heart-wrenching in its honesty, and hope-filled in its commitment to recovery. Through her beautiful, gently scribed work, Rachel shows the destruction that sexual abuse causes, and also the hope and strength that is conceived in the healing process. She speaks to you, the reader, like a warm friend who is by your side. For survivors, Rachel’s voice is that of a wise older sister, looking out for you and comforting you when you feel alone with all the carnage that sexual trauma can leave in its wake.