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Rachel ThompsonDo you ever feel overwhelmed by how to market your book? How to gain the most benefit from social media? I was there once, too. I now have three bestselling books (A Walk In The Snark, Mancode: Exposed, and my latest award-winning release, Broken Pieces). I've learned what works and what doesn't. I can help you figure out the maze of social media, simplify it, make it work for you.

My specialties include:
  • Social Media (Twitter is my specialty; also Facebook, LinkedIn, and Visual Media: YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest)
  • of course, Blogging Basics
  • Branding
  • Marketing and Engagement strategy
  • Amazon
  • Author platform development
I keep my rates simple: $175/hour. Minimum: two hours. I find we can’t do much without a two hours together. The initial 1/2 hour consultation is free. Rates non-negotiable. (Military discount available however.) I take PayPal exclusively. Please contact me here or email me at BadRedheadMedia at gmail dot com to discuss your needs. If I’m not the right person for you, I know lots of terrific people who are amazingly smart and talented. I’ll happily refer you.
Check out packages and services here.

References happily provided upon request.

*Please note: I am NOT a reviewer. However, I suggest you check out the Book Bloggers List or OrangeberryBookTours to discover reviewers for your genre.

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Last time I was on BadRedhead Media, I gave four easy tips to grow your Twitter following. Tip #3 was “join Twitter chats,” but how do you find the right chats to join? And how do you keep up with all the tweets when you get there? As Rachel says, let’s deconstruct! Finding the right […]


Tough Love For Authors — Stop Whining And Do The Work!

Taken from my rant today on Facebook because I just couldn’t listen to the whining anymore (warning: a few choice curse words ahead).  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: ONE thing will not sell your books. It’s a combo of: – a spectacular book (professionally edited, formatted, designed, proofed) – reviews (minimum […]


5 How-to Tips: Handling the Dreaded eBook Pirates by guest @macpetreshock

As you can see from the photo on this blog post, my book FIRE OF STARS AND DRAGONS has been pirated. No. The photo has not been Photoshopped. Yes. That really is over twenty-five THOUSAND downloads shown. TWENTY-FIVE THOUSAND. For reasons of contractual nondisclosure, I can’t tell you how much money that lost me, not […]


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