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Here are links to all my posts for your convenience, all related to writing, publishing, author branding, book marketing, and social media. Starting from August 2023 through December (so far):

  1. What’s Author Branding, Anyway?
  2. How To Market A Book That Doesn’t Exist Yet
  3. Substack Or Mailchimp For Writers?
  4. 5 Unique Book Marketing Ideas For Writers At All Stages
  5. The BEST Way To Grow Your Subscriber List
  6. Writers: Top 10 Tips That Work To Multiply Your X Following Right Now
  7. How Writers Can Leverage Social Media to Boost Success
  8. Boost Your Holiday Book Sales: 10 Proven Tips for Writers
  9. Mastering the Maze: Your Guide to Book Advertising
  10. 10 Proven Strategies to Boost Book Reviews Without Breaking the Bank
  11. Stay Safe Online: 10 Essential Tips to Protect Writers from Grifters
  12. Unleashing the Healing Power of Empathy Through Storytelling
  13. Which Book Marketing Tactic Wins: Blogs or Newsletters? You May Be Surprised!
  14. Hello, Lovelies! Let’s Discuss The Move From MailerLite to Substack…
  15. 10 Proven Strategies for Writers to Boost Focus and Enhance Creativity
  16. Boost Your Writing Focus: Effective Strategies to Overcome Decision Fatigue

If you want to know why I’ve moved primarily to Substack from MailerLite, take a look at #14. I’m still here as well, of course.

This is my home, y’all. Welcome. Take a walk around.


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  1. IGOR GANAPOLSKY on December 19, 2023 at 3:13 pm

    Thank you for this resource. I got your newsletter. The most important topic for me is getting book reviews on Amazon. I write nonfiction in the Personal Development niche. I’d love to learn more about how you go about getting book reviews and promoting your book on Amazon?

  2. T.J. Fisher on December 20, 2023 at 5:53 pm

    Oh, hey!

    Thanks for this! I definitely went and followed you over there. I’m excited to read your post about marketing a book that doesn’t exist yet.

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