Which is right for you? A Quick Guide to KDP vs. KDP Select

The final post in our Amazon series has us looking at KDP vs. KDP Select. After our longer posts, this post is short and sweet because it is pretty straightforward. Any author can publish their book under KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing). This is the basic Kindle publishing tool. This tool allows authors to upload their…

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Not Selling Books? How To Change That Today!

Book marketing is a challenge, an art, either the bane of your existence or how you make your living. I try anything and everything to sell my books, and share those experiences here with you; I also love to learn from you all what you’ve tried in your book marketing and selling activities, and love to…

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This is the Reason to Use Raw Emotion in Your Writing

This is the Reason to Use Raw Emotion in Your Writing by guest Lia Mack, @LiaMack, Rachel Thompson, BadRedheadMedia.com, @BadRedheadMedia

Please welcome author and sexual abuse survivor supporter Lia Mack as she shares about writing what scares you.    I love the idea of cutting into myself with an Exacto knife, little by little, slice by slice, until the entrails of my being are released, splayed and displayed out in the open. No longer hidden by…

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