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You have written a book and published it! Yay! What do you mean, you have no one waiting to read and review your book? Ssshhh…don’t tell Rachel….. Today we are going to talk about Book Bloggers, how to find them and what they can do for you. Book Bloggers are people who have created a…

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3 Tips To Help You Contact Book Reviewers

3 Tips To Help You Contact Book Reviewers!    Despite multiple articles on this topic, I still see authors every day begging, pleading, and spamming their books to people on social media who:   Are not their demographic Aren’t reviewers or book bloggers Don’t read that genre.   Let’s deconstruct.   DEMOGRAPHIC   Do you…

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How Do We Find Targeted Readers? 5 Top Tips!

5 Top Tips To Find Targeted Readers   Whether you’re a blogger, journalist, author, or small businessperson, you want people to read what you write. And with the popularity of social media, reaching readers has never been easier.   Or more challenging.   I’m asked at least once each day this question: How do I…

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