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May 11

How to Use Amazon’s Affiliate Program to Energize Your Marketing by Guest @GeniusLink

By Rachel Thompson | #NaNoProMo

While every author is familiar with Amazon and Kindle, many aren’t familiar with Amazon’s affiliate program, officially known as Amazon Associates. Becoming familiar with the Amazon affiliate program is an important way to get insights into your own marketing, and can help you earn some additional money for promoting your books. Sounds amazing, right?​​​​​ What […]

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May 03

10 Things You Need To Do Before Contacting a Publisher by Guest @SydeFyre

By Rachel Thompson | #NaNoProMo

Congratulations! You’ve completed the manuscript you’ve slaved over for weeks, months, or maybe years and are ready to begin seeking out your publishing path.  The publishing industry is massive. With resources like Draft2Digital, Smashwords, IngramSpark, and KDP all accessible, it’s entirely possible for an author to pursue publishing their book on their own. Many terms […]

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Mar 18

4 Ways You Can Make Time to Blog Right Now

By Rachel Thompson | Blog

Time, writers say, is the biggest challenge when it comes to blogging. We are writing books. We are marketing books. We are thinking about marketing books. We are parents, spouses or significant others, single parents, workers bees, pet puke cleaner-uppers, grocery-shoppers, housekeepers, laundry-do-ers, mental illness sufferers/survivors, advocates, and the beat goes on. Time is a real issue, […]

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