Writers: These are the Books (On Sale!) You Need Now

Writers: These are the Books (On Sale!) You Need Now by @BadRedheadMedia #Books #Sale #Free

There are so many amazing books for authors out there, and Leigh Shulman, and Barb Drozdowich and I have teamed up to give you access to some great ones, covering all your basic publishing needs: writing, book marketing, and blogging! For four days only, you can purchase The Writer’s Roadmap by Leigh Shulman, The BadRedhead…

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10 Books You Need To Help Your Writing Life

10 Books You Need to Help Your Writing Life

Whether you’re an aspiring writer or a published author with multiple books out, one thing is for sure: we can always improve either our craft or marketing – ABL (always be learning). As I always say, writing and book marketing are not mutually exclusive. Even traditionally published authors quickly find they need to learn more…

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27 Expert, Proven Ways To Market Your Books Effectively

27 Expert, Proven Ways To Market Your Books Effectively by @BadRedheadMedia and @NaNoProMo with @HughHowey

Phew, you made it through this entire month of #NaNoProMo Book Marketing. I made it. What do you think? One entire month of daily posts and giveaways from experts in book marketing, social media, branding, and publishing — all to help you, my writer friends, figure out the best this writing gig we’ve chosen has…

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How To Get Your Book Reviewed Now by @sugarbeatbc

“How do I get book reviews?” The never ending question of how authors get reviews for their books seems to dominate author Facebook groups and other author forums. It seems to be the topic of tweets, Facebook posts, and in fact, I suspect, consumes the valuable writing time of many authors. Experts disagree on the…

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10 Tips To Up Your Book Marketing Skills Right Now

10 Tips To Up Your Book Marketing Skills Right Now, BadRedheadMedia.com, BadRedhead Media, @badredheadmedia, Books

Many authors are intimidated by the thought of marketing their books. As I mention in this post on my blog recently, the concept of an author platform makes most writers run away or start talking to the dust bunnies in the corner. What Is Book Marketing Anyway? The basic premise of book marketing is this: write…

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Don’t Make These 5 mistakes When Querying Agents and Publishers w/ @EvatopiaLit

Don't Make These 5 mistakes When Querying Agents and Publishers, Margery Walshaw, Evatopia Press, Rachel Thompson

Please welcome guest author, Margery Walshaw, founder of Evatopia, Inc., a multi-media company with divisions supporting literary management, publishing, and marketing. Clients range from individuals to major publishing firms. As Principal of Evatopia, Margery has served as an editor and publicist to novelists who are published by Berkley, Simon & Schuster, St. Martin’s Press, and Scholastic.…

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Not Selling Books? How To Change That Today!

Book marketing is a challenge, an art, either the bane of your existence or how you make your living. I try anything and everything to sell my books, and share those experiences here with you; I also love to learn from you all what you’ve tried in your book marketing and selling activities, and love to…

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The Self-Publisher’s Ultimate Resource Guide w @JFBookman

Today we have something a little different. I was honored to be included in The Self-Publisher’s Ultimate Resource Guide by Joel Friedlander and Betty Kelly Sargent and am pleased to have Joel here to answer a few questions about the guide. RT: Hi Joel, welcome to BadRedhead Media, it’s great to have you here today. Can you introduce…

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