The Ultimate Book Marketing Guide (2023 Update) via @BookLinker

The Ultimate Book Marketing Guide

The Ultimate Book Marketing Guide (2023 Update) via @Booklinker on @badredheadmedia #bookmarketing #authors #writingcommunity

As a self-published author, marketing your book now becomes a full-time job.

If you don’t have much marketing experience, the idea of doing it all yourself can be daunting.

Without a proper book marketing strategy, your book won’t stand out from the other 4,700 other books that are released every single day.

Even if you left it to passive word of mouth, the amount of time it would take to reach a critical mass of readers could be years. While I’m sure you’re ok with playing the long game, we want results quicker than that, and that’s where book marketing comes in.

That’s why we’ve assembled this guide, with the help of Rachel Thompson from BadRedHead Media, as the ultimate starting point for creating your own book marketing plan.

This guide is for authors who have already published a book but need guidance on how to further market it.

If you’re interested in our guide to a successful book launch, then stay tuned, as we’ll be releasing that guide shortly.

We’ve split this guide up into three main sections, allowing you to follow it step by step, wherever you’re at in your book publishing journey.

Without further ado, let’s jump right into the first step…”

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