This is Why Your Books Aren’t Selling: 4 Ways To Improve Now

This is Why Your Books Aren't Selling: 4 Ways To Improve Now, BadRedhead Media, @badredheadmedia

*updated 2017 Your Books Aren’t Selling “My sales are awful, and I’ve done everything. I give up.”  I heard this from three authors this week, and it’s not an uncommon sentiment right now. As a bestseller author, former imprint director, book manager and book marketing consultant, my first questions are always: What do you mean…

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How To Develop and Perfect Your Book Marketing

I’m overwhelmed and honored that over the last two months, my first Broken book, Broken Pieces, has not budged from the #1 spot on Amazon’s Women’s Poetry list. It’s also #1 on Women Authors, and somewhere in the top 50 (as I write this, it’s #24) in Memoirs (overall ranking alternates between 1,100 and 2,000).…

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Solve Your Book Marketing Problems Right Now!

In case you missed my last few posts on book marketing, I’ve collected them for you here. NOW is a great time to get your act together for the holidays, the week after, and the first few weeks of January, when people have gift cards, new Kindles and iPads, eReaders of all kinds, and time…

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Book Marketing Tips You Need to Know Now, Part Two!

Book Marketing Tips You Need to Know Now, Part Two! by @BadRedheadMedia #bookmarketing #book #marketing

In my post last week, I discussed part one of essential book marketing tips you need to know now (social media, blogging, email marketing, and advertising) in detail. Read that first, and then join us here for part two. Today, I’ll review:  promotional tools, groups, street teams, and blog tours. Let’s deconstruct. PROMOTIONAL TOOLS  It’s…

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3 Valuable Tips You Need For Amazing Blog Content

Kelly Williams asked me: “How do I know what to blog about? Sometimes I get stuck. Maybe I need a daily prompt generator!” I half-jokingly applied for the job. There’s an easier way though, and that’s what I want to share with Kelly and you all here today. Honestly, I’m never at a loss for…

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What Is #MondayBlogs and Why Should Bloggers Participate?

What is #MondayBlogs and Why Should Bloggers Participate? RachelintheOC, BadRedheadMedia, Twitter, Blogging

About oh, nine years ago-ish (in 2012), I started #MondayBlogs. I wanted an obvious way for bloggers (any blogger, any subject except porn because yuck) to connect on a specific day of the week to share our blog posts. It’s grown exponentially more than even I had ever hoped (ten to fifteen thousand tweeps participate…

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