What is FREE #NaNoProMo and How Can It Help YOU Sell More Books?

What is FREE #NaNoProMo and How Can It Help YOU Sell More Books? by @BadRedheadMedia, #NaNoProMo, National Novel Promotion Month

Many of you are familiar with #NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) held every November) to inspire writers to write books. There’s even #NaNoEdMo (National Novel Editing Month) every March to help writers edit the book they wrote in November). I researched and realized there was no book marketing specific month, and because ya know, I have nothing else going on *cough*, I created #NaNoProMoNational Novel Promotion Month, to take place in May. Ta-da!

To keep to the non-profit tradition, this is all about writers: helping writers, providing resources for writers, being there for writers. So here are the ‘rules:’

Visit My Blog Daily To Enter To Win Stuff — That’s It

No daily hours to log. No website to report in to. No badge to win or display (though I may rethink that because I know people really like that shiz). This is the first year so bear with me. Next year I will have a dedicated site and all the hoopla.

What there will be:

  • Daily blog posts here from experts across the book marketing spectrum.
  • Weekly #BookMarketingChat (every Wednesday 6pm pst/9pm est with expert guests the entire month of May (and there are FIVE Wednesdays in May so we get an extra chat and an extra expert!)
  • Daily prizes and giveaways from awesome companies and experts
  • Daily tips and advice on both the @NaNoProMo and @BadRedheadMedia Twitter streams and Facebook Pages 

So How Do You Get Involved in #NaNoProMo?

Are there any strings? Nope. Any purchase required? Nope. This entire effort is totally free, as my way of giving back to you, my writer friends. I’ve been coordinating this effort for a few months now and it’s all coming together and it’s gonna be awesome. It’s easy to participate! You can:

  • Visit my blog here daily to read great stuff and enter to win awesome free stuff (just comment to enter!)
  • Sign up for my BadRedhead Media newsletter to receive daily emails in case you forget to visit the blog or Twitter or Facebook (NO spam. Just the good stuff)
  • Join the weekly #BookMarketingChat every Wednesday, 6pm pst/9pm est on Twitter
  • Visit the BadRedhead Media and/or NaNoProMo Facebook Page daily (likes appreciated!)
  • Share with your writer friends! The more who participate and spread the word, the more writers benefit

#NaNoProMo Sponsors so far (in no particular order): 

  1. Kate Annamal-O’Connell (BookTourTips): Free writing planners and social media guides 
  2. Alexa Bigwarfe (Write, Publish, Sell!): 30-minute 1:1 consultation
  3. Kate Tilton (Author Assistant Services): A Book Launch checklist 
  4. Eddie Shleyner (Copywriting Expert, Very Good Copy, Inc.): Free 1:1 copywriting or content marketing consultation 
  5. Barb Drozdowich (Bakerview Consulting): free 1:1 website or newsletter consultation ($75 value)
  6. Pauline Wiles: Free 30- minute coaching call
  7. CoSchedule: Free books on Pre-Marketing; blog post by Garrett Moon
  8. Instafreebie: TBA
  9. Frances Caballo: Social media audit of Twitter and Facebook (valued at $149)
  10. KJ Waters: 1:1 Self-Pub consult;
  11. Emilie Rabitoy (The Rural VA): Discounted author assistant services ($140 value)
  12. Rachel Thompson (BadRedhead Media): One-hour free social media or branding consultation ($150 value); 5 free eBook or print copies — winner’s choice — of the BadRedhead Media 30-Day Book Marketing Challenge ($100 value); 20 free copies of the BadRedheadMedia How To Best Optimize Blog Posts for SEO ($20 value).
  13. BeyondDefLit: Free Manuscript Evaluation ($250 value); $50 off editing package
  14. LaTeisha Newton: $50 off cover design
  15. Donna Huber (Girl Who Reads): Free Guide to Blog Tours ($20 value)
  16. Anh Nguyen (Amplified Marketing): Free 45 minute personal branding consult
  17. Authors AXP with Amy Vansant: 50% off the first promo and other free offers TBA
  18. Babs Book Bistro: TBA
  19. AJ Wilcox (The LinkedIn Guy): Video presentation on using LinkedIn for Authors
  20. Areva Martin (News commentator, bestselling author): 2 signed copies and 2 eBook copies of her smash bestseller on branding, Make It Rain 
  21. Margery Walshaw, Evatopia Literary Publishing: 1 signed copy of author creativity book, author advice 
  22. Chris Syme (Smart Marketing For Authors): 4 signed books on author book marketing
  23. Blondie and the Brit: 30-Minute podcast with this dynamic duo
  24. Rockaway Press: Free book formatting and interior design ($350 value)
  25. SmartAuthorsLab (Belinda Griffin): Free 45-minute 1:1 Book Marketing Strategy Consultation ($197 value)
  26. Hugh Howey (Author of WOOL): 1:1 30-Minute Skype consultation on winner’s choice of writing, book design, marketing, or reader engagement topics (OMG, I KNOW, RIGHT?)
  27. Cyndy Drew Etler (Author and Teen Coach): Cyndy is the bomb: A 1-on-1 30-minute Zoom consultation on winner’s choice of topics—querying agents, writing YA, writing memoir, reaching out to influencers, and/or doing one’s own publicity—plus e-book copies of Jane Friedman’s The Business of Being a Writer, Ryan Holiday’s Perennial Seller, and Mark Schaefer’s Known). (Value: $150.00)
  28. Mike Allton (The Social Media Hat) (I learn so much from Mike — read his articles and books!) The blogging planner, copy of How to Start a Blog, copy of How to Promote Your Blog
  29. Joel Friedlander (The Book Designer): This is GOLD: 30-minute consult with Joel ($175 value), Free copy of The Book Blueprint ($17.95)
  30. Kirsten Oliphant (http://createifwriting.com) Book: Email Lists Made Easy for Writers & Bloggers and Video: How to Create a Killer Welcome Series (Check out her site: so much cool stuff!)
  31. Elizabeth Ann West (http://whatauthorsneedtoknow.com) ONE All Access Pass to the May/June classes on WhatAuthorsNeedtoKnow.com valued at $335. You get every class, from Selling Directly on Gumroad to our class just on Finding Your Reader Profile!
  32. Charli Mills lead buckaroo at Carrot Ranch Literary Community  is offering 3 FREE personalized author brand style guides!

and a BIG THANK YOU to AuthorBytes for providing advertising dollars!

More donations to come so keep checking back! I’m so grateful to all these amazing sponsors who are donating generous prizes for their services and time to YOU.

How To Win Cool Stuff 

Each day there will be a new blog post HERE on my blog from an expert guest so be sure to visit or sign up for my newsletter to receive their amazing advice. I’ll also be sharing each blog post on Twitter and Facebook so you don’t miss it. You can enter to win by leaving a comment on the blog post. Winners will be announced daily.

The Main Point of #NaNoProMo…

Is for you all to learn different ways to market your book that WORK. Even if you don’t ‘win’ anything, you’ll learn an incredible amount of usable, practical information you can use right away to market your books (or add to your marketing plan for an upcoming release). I’m adding more and more sponsors daily so check back with this post for updates and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

Meanwhile, please follow #NaNoProMo on:

Twitter at http://twitter.com/NaNoProMo

Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/nationalnovelpromotionmonth/

Google+ https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/106514969830331219983/106514969830331219983

and share with all your writer friends. If you are in the business and want to share a product or service to donate/giveaway, please contact me at rachel@badredheadmedia.com.

Let’s rock the heck out of your book marketing this May with #NaNoProMo!

For a more detailed plan on developing your book marketing, purchase Rachel’s new book, The BadRedhead Media 30-Day Book Marketing Challenge now on Amazon and her brand new SEO mini-book — already #1 in 3 categories!
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