Here’s How to Write The Ultimate Guest Post via @BadRedheadMedia

I write many guest posts and articles which are shared on big-name sites like Huffington Post, Good Men Project, Feminine Collective, and This didn’t happen because I tripped over these sites — it happened because I’ve been writing professionally about social media, branding, and book marketing since 2009, I submitted my work repeatedly (and faced…

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How To Gain a Fanbase by Blogging by @K8Tilton

How To Gain a Fanbase by Blogging

An author sits at a desk. It’s a cold fall morning and it is finally time to start. Start blogging that is. This is the happening thing. Everyone has a blog. If I don’t start now, I’ll never reach my readers, the author muses as the author often does. But where to begin? My writing…

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How To Create Content People Care About by @K8Tilton

Goodreads, The Author CEO, BadRedheadMedia

Ina Smith Zajac asked, “How to write blog content people actually care about?” The answer is simple, write valuable content for your audience. But what does valuable content look like? What does your audience look like? Let’s break it down. Step One – Know Your Audience This is always the first step. It is also…

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This is the Reason to Use Raw Emotion in Your Writing

This is the Reason to Use Raw Emotion in Your Writing by guest Lia Mack, @LiaMack, Rachel Thompson,, @BadRedheadMedia

Please welcome author and sexual abuse survivor supporter Lia Mack as she shares about writing what scares you.    I love the idea of cutting into myself with an Exacto knife, little by little, slice by slice, until the entrails of my being are released, splayed and displayed out in the open. No longer hidden by…

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10 Websites You Need To Create Awesome Author Stuff!

Here’s a round up of some GREAT articles I’ve discovered recently to find all that stuff you are always Googling — resources for free photos, infographics, awesome holiday contests, creating visuals, social media tips, and more. I’ve done the work putting it all together for you — now you need to go and use it!…

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What Is #MondayBlogs and Why Should Bloggers Participate?

What is #MondayBlogs and Why Should Bloggers Participate? RachelintheOC, BadRedheadMedia, Twitter, Blogging

About oh, nine years ago-ish (in 2012), I started #MondayBlogs. I wanted an obvious way for bloggers (any blogger, any subject except porn because yuck) to connect on a specific day of the week to share our blog posts. It’s grown exponentially more than even I had ever hoped (ten to fifteen thousand tweeps participate…

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Does Negativity Work As Motivation For Writers? Maybe.

‘Your work is unfit for publication.’ About two years ago, I removed myself from a very difficult ‘collaborative’ effort with some other authors. The statement above came from someone in the group and I’ll be honest, it stung. I’m not here to name names — that’s not something I do and besides, what’s the point? (I’ve…

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The Writing Process by guest @lisettebrodey

THE WRITING PROCESS How my life experiences have shaped the way I write One of the most common questions people have for writers is “How does your creative process work?” Writers aren’t exempt from wanting to know the answer to this. In fact, they may be the most curious group of all when it comes…

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