Powerful Free Book Marketing and Business Help On the Go by @K8Tilton

Susan is driving home from work and hits the worst traffic of the month; now a half an hour drive suddenly becomes a two-hour drive. But despair Susan does not, because with this extra time she can catch up on the latest podcasts she’s subscribed too.

Mike works from home as a full-time author, but currently has a six-hour car trip planned to get to a book festival. What can Mike do with all those hours stuck in the car?

Podcasts, my friends, podcasts.

Powerful Free Book Marketing and Business Help On the Go by @K8Tilton

In recent years, the popularity of podcasts has skyrocketed, and for good reason. With the improvement of technology, subscribing to podcasts to kill that dead time in the car on the daily commute or while battling the bulge at the gym is becoming the norm.

So what does this matter for authors?

Two reasons:

  1. Your audience is listening to podcasts. You may have a whole group of readers who would LOVE your book that aren’t subscribed to your blog or social media channels, but would subscribe to your podcast.
  2. You can turn dead time into productive learning experiences with the right podcast subscriptions.

Reaching Your Audience with Podcasts

In order to reach your podcast loving audience you have a few options:

  • Create your own podcast tailored to the likes of your audience.
  • Guest on podcasts that your audience is already tuned into.
  • Create a podcast with fellow authors who are trying to reach the same audience you are.

You can do any of these or all of these. The choice is up to you. Podcasting is a way to expand your audience and improve your book marketing. This is something you want to consider with care. If you don’t have the time to commit to making a podcast of your own, or fear being in front of the mic, try guesting on a few podcasts to get your feet wet. Audio content has an amazing way of connecting with readers on a more personal level.

Here are a few podcasts I appeared on; these are great podcasts to get your feet wet with:

  • Lets Talk with Bennet Pomerantz and co-host Rachel Thompson (yes, OUR RachelintheOC/BadRedhead Media), this is a great mix of topics from two powerhouse hosts.
  • Back Porch Writer with Kori D. Miller, the show for writers, about writers, and writing. You can be a guest yourself; for more details, check out her website.
  • The Funky Writer with Robert Batista, all about the FUNK of writing. A unique show for writers and a blast to be on.

Powerful Free Book Marketing and Business Help On the Go by @K8Tilton

Learn from Podcasts to Improve Your Book Marketing

There are numerous podcasts out there authors can use to improve their marketing and writing skills. Some podcasts are geared directly for authors while others focus on the online business owner (and if you are self-publishing, this is you!). Instead of wasting time on your next car trip, try listening to one of these great podcasts.

Great Marketing and Writing Podcasts for Authors:

  • The Author Biz, tools, strategies, and inspiration to grow your author business. This podcast by Stephen Campbell covers everything from author assistants to planning to become a full-time writer.
  • Rainmaker.FM podcast network, there are currently twenty shows on the Rainmaker.FM network by Rainmaker Digital (formerly Copyblogger Media). From podcasts about writing online like the oh so popular Rough Draft, to my current favorite by my hero Brian Clark Unemployable, this network of amazing shows will transform your author business.
  • Kobo Writing Life, Kobo Writing Life is Kobo’s self-publishing platform for authors to publish and sell their books worldwide in over 190 countries. Their podcast is full of great interviews to help every self-publisher on their journey.
  • The Creative Penn, interviews, inspiration and information on writing and creativity, publishing options, book marketing, and creative entrepreneurship from expert Johanna Penn.
  • The Portfolio Life, Jeff Goins offers unique podcasts focused on helping you find the work you were born to do and get started creating it.

Before you hop in the car next or head to the gym, subscribe to a few of these amazing podcasts and watch your book marketing soar!

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