Building Your Confidence As A New Writer with @AbbieMood

Sometimes, it can be difficult for new writers, especially self-published writers, because we lack confidence. What right do we have to publish? What happens when imposter syndrome pops up? Or writer’s block? All valid feelings and situations. Thankfully, we have awesome cheerleaders like Abbie Mood Lang (writer, editor, teacher) to help us, my most recent #BookMarketingChat guest!

I started #BookMarketingChat about five years ago – to help writers learn not only how to use social media (that’s in my book), but also how to use it specifically for book marketing. I also wanted to help writers gain confidence in the writing and publishing process.

I was really pleased to have the fabulous Abbie as my guest on my weekly #BookMarketingChat! Abbie is a talented writer, copywriter, and strategist. She shared a ton of amazing tips writers can use right now to help gain confidence as we write and grow. See the Q&A below to immediately implement the strategies she uses.

You can read the entire summary of this chat here. You can also find more detailed information in my updated for 2020 BadRedhead Media 30-Day Book Marketing Challenge – lots more tips on book marketing and social media as well.

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So, let’s do this thingy!

Q1: Whether you are a new or seasoned writer, how often do you feel confident? Shaky? Good? Nervous?

Q2: What have you done to clear your head when you feel like you can’t get anything going?

Q3: Did you know that reading other writers’ work can build your confidence?

Q4: As a writer, where do you go for support when your confidence is low?

Q5: How can goals help build your confidence as a writer?

Abbie Mood


Abbie lives in Colorado with her fiancé, three dogs, and one guinea pig. She likes to write about a variety of topics, including social/environmental issues, adventure travel, sports, and health/wellness.


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