How to use Pinterest for Branding and Marketing by @melissaflicks

How to use Pinterest for Branding and Marketing by @melissaflicks via @BadRedheadMedia

Recently on #BookMarketingChat, we had the pleasure of discussing Pinterest with the brilliant Kate Tilton. Pinterest is an easy option for authors looking to extend their platform, build their brand, and connect with readers. Here are a few tips we chatted about to help you get started:

What type of boards and pins should I include? (I hear this question A LOT!)

    • The first thing I suggest is getting your list of keywords that you created for your author brand. Create boards based on those and add relatable pins.
    • Create a board for your blog posts, guest posts, featured articles and add pins that link back to your website.


  • TIP: Add a tweetable in the pin description for easy sharing!


    • Create boards relating to your book genre, writing inspiration, characters, playlists…anything that represents who you are and what you’re truly passionate about.
    • Other board suggestions: seasonal, holidays, hobbies, travel, animals, favorite quotes, favorite books/book shelf… Think about what interests you!

How to use Pinterest for branding and marketing, Pinterest Social Media, @BadRedheadMedia, BadRedhead Media


  • TIP: Watch out for “click-bait” pins. Some pins feature a great quote graphic, but the description is an advertisement for weight-loss pills or whatever.


What’s the best way to optimize a pin?

How to use Pinterest for branding and marketing, Pinterest, social media, BadRedhead Media, @BadRedheadMedia

  • If the pin comes from your site, make sure you have Rich Pins set up! Details:
  • If you are pinning from another website, include at least the title and source. Consider adding commentary too!
  • Install the Pinterest extension for your toolbar, so you can share pins from anywhere!

Is it better to create original pins or re-pin?

  • You’ll want to have a combination of both. Create new ones with your content and pin to your boards. Then re-pin from other Pinterest users. Add your own comments to the re-pins.

What is a group board and how can authors benefit from them?

  • A group board is a board hosted by one account with multiple contributors.
  • Being part of a group board helps you reach a larger audience with each pin.
  • Join group boards of book reviewers, book promotion, or to interact with your target audience.
  • Join group boards featuring similar authors or genres for cross promotion.
  • Pin your blog posts to multiple boards, including group boards for optimal traffic reach.
  • Create your own group board and add contributors!
  • Group boards for authors are great but don’t forget about readers in your demographic.

How often should I be on Pinterest?

  • A minimum of once daily would be sufficient to keep your profile active. If you have a little more time, aim for five- ten pins daily.
  • You can use scheduling apps such as or to space out your pins throughout the day. (Both are free!)


A few additional tips:

  • You never want your title to be too long that it gets cut off when viewing your profile.
  • Seasonal boards are great to bring activity to your account but make sure you keep up with the season.
  • Start new boards as secret boards, then make sure you have at least four pins on your board before publishing. Boards with less than four pins have blank space and look incomplete.
  • Want to revamp your current boards, switch old ones to secret instead of deleting them. Then you can easily move your favorite pins to new boards.

Still need some #Pinspiration? Check out boards by your favorite authors or authors who write in similar genres.

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  1. Kate Tilton on September 8, 2016 at 7:04 am

    Ah Pinterest, I really love the visual aspect of it! And joining group boards is such a great way to get involved in the community <3. If anyone has any questions feel free to leave them in the comments!

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