Don’t Make These 5 mistakes When Querying Agents and Publishers w/ @EvatopiaLit

Don't Make These 5 mistakes When Querying Agents and Publishers, Margery Walshaw, Evatopia Press, Rachel Thompson

Please welcome guest author, Margery Walshaw, founder of Evatopia, Inc., a multi-media company with divisions supporting literary management, publishing, and marketing. Clients range from individuals to major publishing firms. As Principal of Evatopia, Margery has served as an editor and publicist to novelists who are published by Berkley, Simon & Schuster, St. Martin’s Press, and Scholastic.…

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Is Your Use of Social Media Marketing Efficient? by @wendygarfinkle

if your use of social media efficient? by wendy garfinkle via badredhead media

Being a published author means stepping into the world of marketing, specifically, online social media marketing. Yes, there abound opportunities for in-person marketing – book launches, author readings, book fairs, author/reader mingling events…and the list goes on. But most of us cannot afford the money or time needed to attend most of the in-person author…

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This is How You Find Your Readers

Where can I find readers? someone asks me at least once daily. Who is your demographic? Most authors have no idea (I didn’t know either when I first started). How do I connect with them? What’s the best channel? Is Social Media just for teens? It’s not a mystery, but it does take some research, effort,…

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How to Fix Your Disorganized Writing Life by @KW_Writes

Please welcome guest Kelly Wilson, author of Caskets From Costco, an amazing memoir published by the Gravity Imprint I direct for Booktrope Publishing. Kelly is an abuse survivor, mom, and gifted comic. Learn more about Caskets From Costco and about Kelly below.  To say that my writing life was disorganized would be the grossest understatement…

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This is Why Your Books Aren’t Selling: 4 Ways To Improve Now

This is Why Your Books Aren't Selling: 4 Ways To Improve Now, BadRedhead Media, @badredheadmedia

*updated 2017 Your Books Aren’t Selling “My sales are awful, and I’ve done everything. I give up.”  I heard this from three authors this week, and it’s not an uncommon sentiment right now. As a bestseller author, former imprint director, book manager and book marketing consultant, my first questions are always: What do you mean…

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How to Create an Author Facebook Event by @MelissaFlicks

social media audit packs, BadRedhead Media, @badredheadmedia

Fabulous guest post by Author Assistant Melissa Flickinger! Read and learn! On any given day, thousands of people receive multiple invites to Facebook events.  Just this week alone, I was invited to over twenty Book Release Day events!  And in 2015, I hosted plenty of them myself. Here are a few things I’ve learned on setting…

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Book Marketing Tips You Need to Know Now, Part Two!

Book Marketing Tips You Need to Know Now, Part Two! by @BadRedheadMedia #bookmarketing #book #marketing

In my post last week, I discussed part one of essential book marketing tips you need to know now (social media, blogging, email marketing, and advertising) in detail. Read that first, and then join us here for part two. Today, I’ll review:  promotional tools, groups, street teams, and blog tours. Let’s deconstruct. PROMOTIONAL TOOLS  It’s…

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